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Wastewater Mining

In Upland Hills Calif., Aqueonics pioneered what is now called wastewater mining when it worked in 1982 with the local utility to serve an 800-unit country club development.

Aqueonics tapped into the utility sewer collection system and treated the wastewater for reuse in golf course irrigation. At the same time, its facility shaved the peak use for the utility, allowing it to serve the development without an expensive expansion of its facility.

Upland Hills Country Club - 1982

  • Location: Upland, CA
  • System Type: Alternating Aerobic/Anaerobic Trickling Filter System
  • Discharge Type: Wastewater Mining - Golf Course Irrigation
  • Volume: 200,000 gpd
  • Use: Residential

The 200,000 gpd facility was one of the first to demonstrate the concept of wastewater mining by intercepting wastewater from a utility sewer collection system upstream, providing treatment and reclaimed water for use in irrigating an 18-hole golf course. The public utility could not serve the development without capital-intensive expansion, and the development was limited in the amount of water it could withdraw because of tight supplies. The reclamation plan served the utility and public interest in reusing a scare resource and preventing the need for an expensive public utility expansion.

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