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Custom-Engineered Wastewater Solutions for Long-Term Value and Proven Quality

Urban growth, high land costs, strict environmental standards and the scarcity of new water sources are causing more developers, utility operators and environmental regulators to look for high-value solutions to wastewater treatment needs.

Central utilities increasingly are facing growth demands but with declining funding. And long collection lines can be expensive to build and maintain.

For many developers and regulators, traditional septic systems do not offer long-term value when figured with their land requirements, operational life, or environmental performance.

These growing demands for water and wastewater treatment are why Aqueonics is expanding its solutions for commercial and residential developers, industrial users, and now, agriculture. Aqueonics’ flagship wastewater treatment system is a fixed PVC film, trickling filtration system that combines aerobic and anaerobic/anoxic processes in multiple stages. It is simple with few moving parts, compact, easy to operate, inexpensive to maintain and highly adaptable to varied influent stream loads and effluent requirements.

From the trout-fishing headwaters of Northern California to the sensitive Atlantic coastal lands of New Jersey and South Carolina, Aqueonics facilities continue to meet high water quality standards for a growing number of applications.


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