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Aqueonics, Inc "the water treatement people"
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Leader in Water Reuse & Reclamation

For more than 25 years, Aqueonics has been a leader in reclaiming wastewater for beneficial reuse. Aqueonics was formed in 1979 with its patented technology to provide a natural, cost-effective solution to wastewater treatment and water conservation.

Aqueonics facilities have reclaimed water for irrigation, aquifer recharge, golf course watering, toilet flushing, chill water supply, fire suppression, DOT deicing solution, boiler feedwater supply, vehicle washing facilities and more.

State and local authorities are now promoting water reuse initiatives because of drought, limited new water sources and depleting aquifers. Developers, municipalities, and utilities often can receive tax and regulatory inducements to reclaim wastewater for reuse, depending upon the location.

Aqueonics facilities with their neighborhood-friendly design and quality performance offer numerous options in conserving our most precious resource.


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