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Managing On-Site Wastewater Treatment for Long-Term Value

Property owners, developers, and utility authorities can add long-term value to projects with a properly managed on-site wastewater collection and treatment system. The EPA cites four advantages:

Protect public health and local water supplies. Septic tanks are the second most frequent source of ground water contamination.

Protect property values. On-site sewer service maintains community health standards and adds to each unit’s value.

Conserve ground water and recharge aquifers.

Preserve tax base. On-site systems also prevent small communities from having to finance expensive centralized collection or maintain long collection lines. Satellite treatment systems also can be remotely monitored.

Management Models

Residual Income. Developers can retain ownership of the treatment facility and form a separate licensed operation entity to contract with the homeowners' association.

Utility Operated. A homeowners’ association or developer can turn the treatment facility over to a licensed utility for operation.

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