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Aqueonics, Inc "the water treatement people"
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  Why Aqueonics?
System Solutions
Custom Engineered Solutions
Flexible, Simple, Proven
Leader in Water Reclaimation
Managing On-Site

Flexible, Simple, Proven

Versatile for different applications such as:

Schools and Institutions
Aqueonics facilities handle wide load variations for single facilities or complexes in outlying areas.

Mixed Use Commercial/Residential
Aqueonics facilities are suited for varied types of waste streams.

Industrial and Food Processing
We can design for high grease and fat loads or other unique industrial needs.

Agriculture and Animal Waste Disposal
The natural, easy-to-maintain process can solve animal and agricultural waste problems profitably.

Proven / Patented Process
Decades of experience with multi-stage trickling filtration that meets the highest water quality standards.

True Denitrification / Meets Drinking Water Standards
The process consistently achieves drinking water standards for nitrogen,which means it can be used for surface or subsurface discharge applications.

Small Footprint / Conserves Land
A 40,000 gallons-per-day facility requires about 1,000 square feet.

Modular / Expandable by Phases
Highly scalable from 2,500 gpd to more than a million gpd.

Negligible Noise or Odor / A Good Neighbor in Developments
Facility can architecturally blend in with developments as a clubhouse or residence.

Low Solid Volume
Solids are reduced roughly to 10 percent of the original weight of BOD in a highly stable, low-odor organic biomass.

Simple, Dependable / Low Operating Costs
Aqueonics has refined the fixed-film technology to maximize efficiency and simplicity. The process uses a minimum of moving parts. All pumps and major mechanical components are easily accessible and commonly available.


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